Do you feel at a loss, constantly stressed, or have pain for no medical reason??

The origin of a feeling of unhappiness can be linked to a shocking event in the past, sometimes forgotten, which has caused a trauma. These events may have been accidental or the result of environmental deficiencies. They may be past or recent.

It may not be a trauma that you remember, but you may recognise traces of it: the feeling of being limited, chronically stressed, hypervigilant...

You can regain your vitality with Somatic Experiencing.

It is not necessary to share the details of your traumatic history to do Somatic Experiencing. The aim is to reshape the body's memory and allow energy to flow where it no longer does.



Somatic experiencing

Somatic Experiencing® is a concept for the treatment and resolution of shock and trauma developed by Peter A. Levine, PhD, an American psychologist and biologist.

It is a psycho-physiological approach, based on neurobiology, the polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges and observation of animals. It is body oriented, to heal trauma and other stress related disorders. It is a way to restore the authentic self through self-regulation, relaxation, finding  our wholeness and vital energy back.

Somatic experiencing and Yogatherapy

Somatic Experiencing sessions can be a useful complement to yogatherapy, with adaptedyoga sessions that you can practice regularly at home. Yoga practice give you the opportunity  to self-regulate, to balance your nervous system, to enhance mobilisation and the circulation of energy.

Photo Paulette

Paulette Matkovic

Paulette Matkovic is a sociologist, yoga teacher, yogatherapist and a trainee in Somatic Experiencing (2nd year), which she actively practices, assisted by regular supervisions.

During the Somatic Experiencing sessions, Paulette Matkovic uses her experience in yogatherapy, especially in stress and anxiety management, as well as her knowledge of physiology.

She is certified by International Association of Yogatherapist (C-IAYT), by YIHA and the Personalised Care Institute- UK

Consultations are possible in English, French, Spanish and Greek



Les jours qui ont suivis la séance, j'ai essayé d'observer mon attitude. Je me sens beaucoup moins limitée ( je ne me dis plus que ce n'est pas pour moi ou que je ne suis pas à la hauteur). J'ai des perspectives enthousiasmantes et motivantes.

J’ai remarqué, les jours qui ont suivi, que mon corps était étonnamment à l’aise, par rapport à ce qui se passait dans ma tête.Un peu comme si mon état général physique était allégé de manière perceptible, mais sans grands changements notoires. Je dirais: une aisance.

Je dors aussi mieux