My approach

Our current lifestyle often confines us to a sitting position and pushes us into a sedentary lifestyle. Our body suffers, and physical ailments or a feeling of uneasiness are gradually build up if we do not pay attention. My group yoga classes offer soft mobilizations where one can freely explore one’s limits and gradually take pleasure in an increased freedom of movement.

As the movement sequences are synchronized with the breath, the mind is less likely to get back to the to-do list, or to the various thoughts that generally occupy our minds. Gradually the attention to the breath leads us to more serenity but also to a connection with our inner space, which can help us to focus, to find tools to face stressful situations.


I have practiced many types of yoga, and I have been trained as a teacher in the Krishnamasharya tradition and retain the importance of adapting the practice to each individual as well as the importance of breathing. I am also trained in Thai Massage and very interested in acupressure and shiatsu. These approaches also influence my way of teaching.


Given the importance of the adaptation of the practice to each individual, I also propose individual sessions in Yoga Therapy, where the constitution and the possible health issues of the person are taken into account to design the practice.

These sessions are also suitable for people who want to practice every day and wish to be followed regularly.