Group courses

Can help both the mind and body strengthen and relax.

Yoga classes are held online at the moment ( in french) on the plateforme

From september 2021, live classes will resume in Be Here, rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 4 Laeken.

More information to come.

online yoga

Frequently asked questions

What can I expect from a yoga class?
I design the class according to the group, inviting each individual to take care of their own limits and adapt the practice (with the help of the teacher). A session can include postures, breathing exercises, singing or meditation. Because the practice is adaptable, it makes yoga accessible to people with physical limitations, whether due to injury, illness or age.


The class can be very gentle but not exclusively. In an individual class, the practice can be much more dynamic and demanding if it suits the individual. The classes are also varied, with mild and more active classes, to suit everyone.

The postures are synchronized with the breathing.

How is a course designed?
An objective is defined for the course (a key posture or a set of postures working in the same direction). The movements and postures of the first part of the practice prepare the posture of the objective as a kind of warm-up. The postures and the counter-postures are linked, synchronized with the breathing as mindfully as possible. The goal of this practice is indeed not high performance and flexibility but rather to observe and feel the effects of practice within oneself.