Who am I ?

Paulette Matkovic

After a MA in Sociology focused in body language, and a passage through contemporary dance, my journey towards a therapeutic approach to the body became obvious.

I have always been passionate by the body, the link between body, emotions and the deep identity of each individual.

I am fascinated by body intelligence and by its extraordinary power of self-healing.

I followed a training I trained for 4 years (540 hours)  (4 years - 540 hours) in Viniyoga (tradition transmitted by TKV Desikashar) and  for 3 years in Yoga Therapy, with Dr N. Chandrasekaran  one of the world's most experienced yoga therapists, student of Desikashar. (500 hours). I am certified by IAYT ( International Association of Yoga Therapists) by YIHA and the Personalised Care Institute- UK

I am also training in somatic experiencing, an approach to deal with deep stresses and traumas, that I am practicing actively with the support of  regular supervisions. I am also experimenting an training the Buteyko method. I am constatly learning and training to help and support the best that I can people consulting me in their journey for a better quality of life.

In my classes, the postures are adapted to the possibilities of each of us. The sequences of movements are combined with our breathing. It is also a real break that helps us to strengthen our inner peace in order to cope with the turmoil of everyday life.